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POS - Point of Sale

At Signworx we know how important it is in a retail setting to have your products placed
professionally and it has been seen that products placed in their own free standing display units
(FSDU’s) achieve anywhere between 25 and 35% greater sales than if they were on the shop shelving
itself so it is well worth considering a point of sale display for your products. They will set your
product apart and elevate your product instore.
At signworx we will work with you to develop a FSDU for your product that will pay for itself in a
short space of time. Our products are best suited to Permanent or Semi-Permanent positioning ie
they are not suited to short-term promotions where a cheap alternative is required.
Our units are made from a recycled material and are more robust than their cardboard competitors
thus in the longer term making them as economic and environmentally friendly, possibly even more
We continue to work closely with our material suppliers to come up with more ways of lowering our
carbon footprint.


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